Job title: Macquarie Cemetery Batter Stabilisation

Client: Northern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (NMCT)

Superintendent: Crown Project Services Pty Ltd

Duration: 16 weeks

Description of project: The project incorporated civil construction, stabilisation and remedial works within five sections of the site.


42,000 m2 of clearing and grubbing of the embankments and stockpiles.
18,000 m2 of cutting and filling of batters.
30,000 m2 of final trimming to batters and flat areas.
40,000 m2 of top soil re-used on site during landscape stage.
460 metres of spoon drainage in the middle of the batter
150 metres of shotcrete drainage including concrete support and the construction of swale drains utilising riprap rocks recycled from site.
120m of 1.8m footpaths throughout the site.
10,000 m2 of planting along the embankment areas.
Cleaning and rehabilitation of the existing basin area including shotcreting of embankment and mid-berm.
Construction of new retaining walls

Value of Contract: $2 million


Northern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (NMCT)


Earthworks, Excavation