Job title: Nepean Private Hospital – Early Works

Client: HPAC Pty Ltd

Duration: 14 Weeks

Description of project: The Nepean Private Hospital project involves the remediation of an existing parcel of land by creating an onsite containment cell and localised asbestos soil removal. Once remediated, an on-grade carpark was constructed as well as structural piles and detail excavation.

The project is the first stage of an extension to the existing Private Hospital.

Cherrie Civil were responsible for the design and construction of the containment cell, piling works and carpark pavements and worked with our client and hospital stakeholders to safely deliver the project within the confines of a functioning hospital campus


Site clearance and demolition of existing concrete structures
Excavate and backfill containment cell (1800m3)
Design and installation of lift core foundation piles
Detail excavation
Pavement construction (2300m2)
Demolition of existing balconies on adjacent Hospital Building

Value of Contract: $1 million

Project Period: May – August 2021


HPAC Pty Ltd


Concrete Structures, Demolition, Earthworks, Excavation