Job title: Northern Beaches Hospital

Client: CPB Contractors

Location: Frenches Forest

Description of project: Bulk Excavation works for Northern Beaches Hospital main hospital and carpark


Approximately 100,000m3 of excavation across two bulk excavations – the main hospital (75,000m3) and carpark (25,000m3).
Excavation Shoring including over 5,500m2 of bored piers, shotcrete, anchors and soil nails.
320 Structural Piles including integral column footings
Concrete Works including Capping Beam and Integral Structural Walls.
Detail Excavation of lift cores, footings, drainage layer and setdowns.
Stormwater installation including Gross Pollutant Trap and On Site Detention Tank.

Value of Contract: $10 million

Project Period: July 2015 – July 2016


CPB Contractors


Concrete Structures, Earthworks, Excavation, Road Works, Service Construction, Shoring