Job title: Proximity Banksmeadow

Client: Taylor Construction Group Pty Ltd

Description of project: Cherrie Civil Engineering have been engaged by Taylor Construction Group at the Proximity Banksmeadow Project for the construction of two warehouse structures.
The project required Cherrie Civil to demolish existing structures, temporarily divert existing water ways, excavate for all perimeter culverts and sediment basins, bulk import and fill behind all reinforced earth walls and sheet piling systems.
To further the construction Cherrie Civil was required to complete a large stormwater system, including several filtration tanks, install a precast culvert system, prepare basin and culvert linings, detail excavate for all proposed structures while handling a complex Remediation Works Plan outlined by the Project Consultants and authorities.


Demolition of existing hardstands and streetscape
Sheet Piling, including construction of temporary waterway diversions
Bulk Cut, Import & Fill (92,000m³)
Precast Culvert Construction
Detail excavation of structure foundations for warehouses, retaining walls, baffle walls etc
Installation of stormwater System (40 x Pits/800Lm) and filtration system (x7)
Pavement and Basin Lining Subgrade and Base Layer Preparation.
Contaminated Materials Management
Installation of Downpipes (inground)
Construction of Reinforced Retaining Walls (2,300m²)

Value of Contract: $6.3 million

Project Period: November 2021 – May 2023


Taylor Construction Group Pty Ltd


Earthworks, Remediation, Road Works, Service Construction