Job title: Waverley Bowling Club – Bulk Excavation and Remediation

Client: Mirvac Constructions

Duration: 28 Weeks

Description of project: Cherrie Civil Engineering were engaged by Mirvac Constructions to provide a design and construct solution for the remediation, bulk earthworks and foundation construction of the Waverley Bowling Club.

As a part of the works Cherrie Civil Engineering undertook the partial demolition of the existing bowling club building including temporary works designs, remediation of existing asbestos contaminated fills, D&C containment cell and foundation piling.


Partial demolition of the existing Waverley Bowling Club
Bulk excavation of 40,000m3 including off-site disposal
Excavation and backfilling of a 9,500m3 containment cell
Construction of 50+ foundation piles
Detail excavation of 2000m2 of vertical rock walls and footings
Over 500m2 of batter stabilisation including rockbolts and shotcrete
Construction of lift pits, stair core

Value of Contract: $5 million

Project Period: April 2021 – October 2021


Mirvac Constructions


Concrete Structures, Demolition, Earthworks, Excavation, Remediation, Shoring