Job title: Lane Cove Business Park – Stage 2 Civil Works

Client: AW Edwards

Duration: 25 Weeks

Description of project: Lane Cove West business park involved the bulk excavation of an existing sloping site adjacent the Lane Cove River. The project included bulk excavation, stormwater installation and construction of retaining walls.


Bulk excavation of 40,000m3 of sandstone including cut to fill
Construction of 1,200m2 of Keystone retaining walls
Construction of 400m2 of StoneStrong retaining walls
200lm of stormwater installation and 8m deep GPT
Detail excavation and service trenching

Value of Contract: $5 million

Project Period: November 2020 – April 2021


AW Edwards


Concrete Structures, Earthworks, Excavation, Service Construction, Structural Works