Job title: Nepean Hospital – External Works

Client: CPB Contractors Pty Ltd

Duration: 60 Weeks

Description of project: Cherrie Civil Engineering have been engaged for the third time with CPB contractors at the Nepean Hospital to complete the final stage of civil works at Nepean Public Hospital.

Cherrie Civil worked with CPB and our own consultants to design and construct an onsite containment cell below future civil pavements and building structures. The containment cell and site works were modelled by CCE to ensure all site contamination was contained and safely capped onsite.

Following site remediation, CCE constructed overlying civil pavements, foundation piles for external structures, installation of stormwater conduits and filtration structures, retaining wall construction and pavement construction


Bulk excavation and site export
Containment cell construction (4000m3)
Foundation Piling (x62)
Construction of an access road to service the construction of the building
Detail excavation of thickenings, including placement of drainage layer and void filler
Installation of stormwater conduits (x100lin.m) and filtration structures (x3)
Construction of communication and electrical services
Pavement construction (800lin.m kerbs/drains; 4000m2 asphalt)

Value of Contract: $3 million

Project Period: October 2020 – November 2021


CPB Contractors Pty Ltd


Concrete Structures, Earthworks, Excavation, Road Works, Service Construction, Shoring