Job title: Sparks Road, Wyong – Stages 5 & 6

Client:Hudson Communities

Duration: 18 Weeks

Description of project: 28 Lot Subdivision (Third release package of three packages), including house lots and installation of services.


Earthworks on site including site clearing, removal of topsoil for later use, tree removal, remediation of uncontrolled fill, excavate and compact unsuitable subgrade, cut and fill to approved RL’s, erection and maintenance of environmental controls.
Detail trimming and topsoil spreading to house lots
Road formation works and the construction of over 1500m2 of flexible pavements and concrete battle-axe driveways.
Installation of over 500m of stormwater pipes and precast pits for the subdivision stormwater system.
Installation of underground services including potable water, sewer, electrical, gas and NBN.
Earthwork and Installation of approximately 400m of kerb and gutter and kerb only to all roads constructed.
Construction of 600m2 of retaining walls.

Value of Contract: $2 million

Project Period: July 2016 – June 2017


Hudson Communities


Concrete Structures, Earthworks, Road Works, Service Construction, Subdivisions