Job title: Hezlett Road, Kellyville – Subdivision

Client: Private Developer

Location: 62 Hezlett Road, Kellyville

Duration: 18 weeks

Description of project: Development of existing residential site for new subdivision


Demolition of the existing brick residential dwelling and ancillary structures and items and removal of waste generated to a licensed waste disposal facility.
Earthworks on site including site clearing, removal and stockpiling of topsoil for later use, tree removal, cut and fill to approved RL’s, erection and maintenance of environmental controls.
Road formation works and the construction of 3600m2 of asphalt roadway roads including asphalt pavements.
Earth work and installation of 1500m of pipes and pre-cast pits and lintels for underground services including potable water, recycled water, sewer and stormwater.
Earth work and the installation of underground electrical reticulation services.
Earthwork and Installation of 1100m of kerb and gutter to all roads constructed, including the construction of slotted kerb, modified kerb and standard kerb to existing and new roads.
Shaping of swales and re-vegetation of these areas.

Value of Contract: $2 million

Project Period: April 2016 – December 2016


Private Developer


Demolition, Earthworks, Road Works, Service Construction, Subdivisions